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Welcome Back Event

Posted: 30 August 2019

A Welcome Back event was held on August 27, 2019 to honour the 21 recently returned alumni who graduated from Australian Universities with a Master degree.

The graduates specialised in a variety of sectors including information technology, engineering, agricultural science, geographical science, good manufacturing science, financial management, commerce, law and environment. Three graduates presented on their in-Australia experiences including their academic environment, facilities, learning methods, links and networks they established in Australia and Reintegration Plan implementation. After their study in Australia, some alumni changed their employment sector which more closely aligned with the new skills and knowledge that they acquired in Australia. Representatives from the Governments of Australia and Mongolia attended the event, congratulating the graduates and wishing them every success in their future contributions to Mongolia’s development.

Mr. Dave Vosen, Australian Ambassador to Mongolia, also congratulated the graduates on their accomplishments in Australia and highlighted AAS alumni contribution to important sectors in Mongolia, encouraging everyone to use the alumni community to tackle pressing issues in Mongolia. Mr.Vosen also mentioned how respectful and exceptional well Mongolian students performed in Australia. In addition, he emphasized that they should use the links and friendships established in Australia to further develop connection between the two nations. He further highlighted the opportunities available as an Australia Awards alumnus, including the Global Alumni Network, the local Alumni network (Mozzies) and their associated professional development opportunities, the Women’s Leadership Program and its associated activities, such as the community development projects.

Mr. Byambasuren, Deputy Chief of Cabinet Secretariat of Mongolia also congratulated the graduates and reminded the graduates to embrace their newly acquired knowledge and skills to the benefit of the Mongolia and as per the Subsidiary Arrangement signed between the Government of Mongolia and Government of Australia. He expressed his gratitude to those graduated in the IT and engineering fields, since it is a vital part for Mongolian development. He encouraged the graduates, who were previously working for private companies, to find opportunities where people with overseas skills and qualifications are highly regarded and actively utilized. The graduates were then reminded of their reintegration plans, and asked to review and update their plans based on their new knowledge, skills, workplace needs and environments.

At the end of the event the graduates had been fully briefed about the post scholarship alumni activities available to them. All the graduates were enthusiastic, motivated and willing to implement their newly acquired knowledge and skills in their professional areas.


Welcome Back Event: Photo 2