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Welcome Back ceremony

Нийтэлсэн: 2020-09-24

Welcome Back ceremony was held online on March 25, 2020, to honour the sixteen recently returned alumni who graduated from Australian Universities with a Master’s degree.

The graduates were specialized in a variety of sectors including information technology, public health, human rights, agricultural science, environment, economics and engineering. All the graduates briefly shared their in-Australia experiences and post-scholarships plans. Ms Nomin.D who graduated from the University of Sydney gave a presentation on her in-Australia experience and reintegration plan including academic environment, facilities, learning methods, scholarship benefits and reintegration plan.
Senior representatives from the Governments of Australia and Mongolia attended the event, congratulating the graduates and wishing them every success in their future contributions to Mongolia’s development.
His Excellency Mr Dave Vosen, Australian Ambassador to Mongolia, congratulated the graduates and encouraged them to actively apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills. He explained the key objectives and benefits of the program to Mongolia’s development. He further highlighted the opportunities available as an Australia Awards alumnus, including the local Alumni network (Mozzies) and their associated professional and personal development opportunities.
Mr Byambasuren.U, Deputy Chief of Cabinet Secretariat of Mongolia also congratulated the graduates and reminded the graduates to embrace their newly acquired knowledge and skills to the benefit of Mongolia and emphasized that their contribution to the implementation of ‘Vision-2050’ long-term development policy document is important for the Government of Mongolia.
Australia Awards in Mongolia reminded the graduates of their reintegration plans and asked to review and update their plans based on their new knowledge, skills, workplace needs and other factors. The graduates had been fully briefed about the post scholarship alumni activities available to them including Global Alumni Network, Women’s Leadership Program and its associated activities, such as the community development projects that Cohort 6 participants are implementing.