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Women’s Leadership Program Newsletter

Нийтэлсэн: 2018-05-1

Since January 2018, WLP participants have attended lunch forums with: Ms Oyun Sanjaasuren, Chair at Global Water Partnership; Ms Sodontogos Erdenetsogt, Chief/National Coordinator, MCC Mongolia and Ms Nomin Chinbat, CEO of Mongol HD TV. The discussion topics were sustainable development, women in international development and business environment of Mongolia. The guests shared their own methods of leading in their respective sector, the challenges and triumphs as well as the lessons learned. The forums were evaluated as “satisfactory” by the participants.

To promote women’s rights and leadership coinciding with International Women’s Day, a panel discussion on Women in Governance was held on 7 March. The panel consisted of: Ms Onchinsuren, Member of Women Corporate Directors Mongolia Chapter, Ms Oyunchimeg, CEO of Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Ms Enkhbayar, Secretary of National Gender Equality Committee. Over 50 people attended the panel discussion.

The WLP participants also attended a networking event with Arts Council Mongolia event on 15 March 2018 following BeRock Cello concert.

QA session Women in Governance panel discussion

Q&A session, “Women in Governance” panel discussion

The WLP has also conducted several seminars over the past five months on topics including: negotiation, emotional intelligence, conflict management and media training. These practical seminars have proven effective in assisting participants take on more challenges to become better leaders and in implementing community development projects (CDPs) more effectively.

Women in Governance panel discussion

“Women in Governance” panel discussion

After eight months of rigorous leadership and self-development training, twenty inspiring women and men graduated from this year’s Women’s Leadership Program (WLP). The graduation ceremony was held on Friday 4 May 2018 at the Shangri La Hotel, with speeches and acknowledgments given by His Excellency John Langtry, Australia’s Ambassador to Mongolia, Ms Oyun Sanjaasuren, Head, Zorig Foundation and Ms. Tsetsgee Yundendorj, Country Program Manager, AAM.

WLP Graduation ceremony

WLP Graduation ceremony

Each year WLP produces four CDPs that contribute to addressing social issues in Mongolia. The 2018 projects were: Fire Fighters Protected, Smog and Kids, Power of People and Music Space. All projects were completed successfully within their scheduled timeframe and commended for their impacts. As per the Program’s tradition one community development project received recognition for their dedication and successful implementation. In Cohort 4 this was awarded to Firefighters Protected.

In addition, 11 participants were selected to travel to Brisbane, Australia to participate in an intensive two-week leadership and skills development program. The training built on from the in-Mongolia component and targeted participants’ individual needs to develop leadership skills and amplify their ability to collaborate, influence and become effective leaders. The in-Australia component also linked participants with leaders and organizations in Australia relevant to their experience, presenting opportunities for participants to compare and contrast the Australian experience with Mongolia and strengthen links between Mongolia and Australia.

WLP in Australia component

WLP in – Australia component