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Women’s Leadership Program Launch

Нийтэлсэн: 2014-12-10

Launch of the Australia Awards Mongolia Women's Leadership Program at Bayangol Restaurant, 5 November 2014

?n 5 November 2014, Australia Awards Mongolia launched the Women’s Leadership Program at Bayangol Restaurant Over 150 distinguished guests and Australia Awards alumni attended the event. This program is a new initiative, supported by the Governments of Australia and Mongolia that aims to improve leadership opportunities for women graduates when they return from studying in Australia.

The launch was the largest gathering of alumni since scholarships were first offered by the Australian Government to Mongolians in 1993. The fact that over 150 guests attended the event indicated its’ importance in the eyes of the alumni.

The Women’s Leadership Program was introduced and explained and all alumni – men and women – were invited to participate in it. Program stakeholders, especially women leaders of the country, were invited to contribute to the Program by sharing their experience and their leadership experiences and skills.

The launch was attended by representatives from the Program’s Coordinating Committee, representatives from Thematic Advisory Groups, women leaders of Mongolia, Ministry Working Group members, alumni from the Australia Awards and other alumni who studied in Australia under other schemes.