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Australia Award Graduate Combines Business and Technology Skills

Posted: 8 January 2020

Ms Bujinlkham (Buji) Bold graduated in 2014 through the Australia Awards Scholarship Program and is combining her Master of Nanotechnology from Flinders University in Adelaide with her earlier MBA from the Mongolian National University to help build the country’s emerging high-tech industries.

The Flinders Masters of Nanotechnology is a detailed, demanding program. Students need to develop the capacity to understand scientific concepts underpinning nanoscience and the properties of materials at atomic and molecular levels – as well as the scaling laws governing these properties.

Buji acknowledges her Australia Award Scholarship experience in building both her personal and professional skills-base.

“My work motivation, my confidence and my ambitions for my career path all increased greatly from my time in Australia”

, she explained. In late 2014, Buji returned to work with the Monos Group where she was employed before her Award. It is a rapidly growing private sector organization, expanding beyond its original field of pharmaceuticals.

Originally established in 1990, the company restructured in 2004, incorporating a group of companies and renamed Monos Group. Today it oversees 10 subsidiary branch companies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics fashion and trading sectors, and has more than 1000 employees.

“I have a dual role with the Monos Group”, Buji explained. She is CEO of Nano Group, a subsidiary responsible for real estate, energy, fashion retail and import and distribution.”
“I was always interested in the technology sectors I work in, and was lucky enough to have a good supervisor at Flinders University, Dr. Joe Shapter, who helped me build my research skills.”

The relationship Buji built with her supervisor has benefitted Mongolia. “Flinders University donated a scanning electron-microscope they were no longer using – but which is still recent technology – to the emerging Monos University.”

During her 18-month Master’s course, Buji stayed in regular contact with the President of Monos Group and he and most of her colleagues value the new expertise she has brought to their organization.

“Although I always understood the importance of good communication among work teams, and the need to really connect with people, I think my Award experience reinforced that skill and commitment.”

As CEO of one of Monos Group’s diverse companies, Buji recently contributed to completing the necessary certification for an EU-funded pharmaceutical factory in Ulaanbaatar.
“It’s one of the top-50 pharmaceutical factories in Asia”, she said.