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Women’s Leadership Program Cohort 9

Posted: 9 August 2023

As part of the Australia Awards – Mongolia Women’s Leadership Program (WLP), ten selected participants successfully engaged in a two-week intensive leadership training program in Australia, following the eight-month leadership and professional development program in Mongolia. The in-Australia component of the program took place from 5 to 17 June at the University of Queensland.

The cohort of senior-level professionals from the Mongolian public, private, and NGO sectors embarked on a transformative journey, equipping themselves with essential leadership skills for a rapidly evolving world. Participants were provided with the opportunity to connect with their Australian counterparts, share Australian best practices, build networks with mentors and experts, and immerse themselves in enriching cultural experiences.

The impact of the program on the participants was profound, as expressed in their own words. One participant described the in-Australia component of the program as “rewarding” and noted feeling inspired and motivated. She reported that the diverse range of professionals the participants encountered provided a broad perspective on their personal and professional journeys. Another participant highlighted the wealth of knowledge gained during the two-week intensive training, emphasising its practical application in their lives. The combination of academic insights and casual discussions left a lasting impression on their minds.

The participants also acknowledged the significant impact the course had on their personal growth, as well as its positive influence on their families, workplaces, and communities. One of the program’s highlights was a visit to Queensland’s Parliament House, where they engaged in discussions and gained valuable insights into the Queensland Office for Women. They were particularly impressed by the office’s campaigns for equality and gender-based budgeting, recognising the potential for similar initiatives in Mongolia.

The Women’s Leadership Program has provided these exceptional individuals with a transformative experience. Their journey to Australia allowed them to broaden their perspectives, gain valuable insights, and build connections that will contribute to their continued growth as leaders in Mongolia.