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Nominzol Tsogtbaatar: Contributing to Mongolia’s retail industry

Posted: 6 September 2022

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Australia Awards alumna Nominzol Tsogtbaatar has been using the knowledge and skills she gained through her Australian education to bring value to the retail industry in Mongolia and make an impact in her community.

Nominzol completed a Master of Commerce at the University of Sydney in 2019 with the support of an Australia Awards Scholarship. She currently works as a Project Lead at CU Mongolia, one of the largest convenience store chains in Mongolia. Since returning from Australia, she has been managing several business development projects to expand the convenience store market and establish the CU Mongolia brand across the country.

CU Mongolia introduced the very first convenience stores to the Mongolian market in 2015 with three branch stores (originally under the name Central Express). Since then, the company has opened more than 250 stores and now provides services to more than 100,000 customers each day. CU Mongolia plans to double these numbers within the next two years.

“I am responsible for the implementation of multiple large-scale projects within our company to deliver the best customer experience,” Nominzol says. With such a large customer base to manage, she is currently working to implement core IT systems that will offer world-class operational know-how and streamlined business processes. Overall, this will contribute to accomplishing business strategic goals for the company in achieving a competitive advantage.

“I believe that our business will enable many positive social changes in all Mongolians’ daily life through its accessibility from every location and integrated solutions. Aiming at better lifestyles and creating unrealised values for our customers has been always our passion,” says Nominzol. In Mongolia, the convenience store industry is relatively new. However, within a short period of time, Nominzol has seen the industry introduce many great changes that have improved the lives of Mongolian citizens, such as creating job opportunities, providing access to public toilets, and offering affordable and reliable daily meals.

Nominzol thanks Australia Awards for her achievements and enhancing her career.

“Studying at one of the top Australian universities and graduating from business school have equipped me with the essential skills and knowledge for my career,” she says.

“The Scholarship gave me the opportunity to learn from the best professors and professionals and exposed me to many international peers. It also contributed to my expertise and courage to overcome challenges and build new business concepts and complex projects from the ground up,” she says.

Nominzol during her graduation ceremony at University of Sydney in 2019

“During my pursuit of a master’s degree in Australia, I realised that studying at the university was just the start of my continuous learning process, and I am still learning from my Australian colleagues and their research and studies all the time. I was lucky to meet such strong women leaders, many young professionals and the best professors while studying in Sydney. What I gained from this Scholarship is not only a learning opportunity but also an opportunity to meet such amazing professionals in my field and create many lifelong international friendships,” Nominzol concludes.