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Women’s Leadership Program Cohort 8

Posted: 4 May 2022

Newsletter 5

Community Development Projects Progress

The Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) participants have been occupied with their Community Development Projects (CDPs), a fundamental program component. The WLP Cohort 8 participants have been divided into four teams based on their interests and passions. The project sectors include:

  • Public space improvement
  • Mental and reproductive health
  • Gender
  • Children with developmental disabilities


The progress of the four projects are:

1. Checkmate – which aims to create a sustainable community area and establish meeting points for building relationships between users and bridge generations by building outdoor chess boards in 4 different locations – National Amusement park, National Park, 65th Secondary school, and the Fountain near the State Department Store. The team members have been working on getting land permissions from the locations, manufacturing the chess pieces, advertising, and fundraising to launch the first outdoor space at the beginning of June 2022. For more information, watch the following video.

2. MeForMyself – which aims to improve the mental health care/awareness of “Technical and Vocational Education and Training” (TVET) students, enhance sexual education and reproductive knowledge and help TVET students express their feelings. The team has been working on delivering a fully decorated/refurbished “MeForMyself” therapy room for students, organizing multiple seminars related to mental health, reproductive knowledge, career guidance, and promoting adolescent mental health awareness. In addition, the team has organized a virtual seminar for 70 teachers, including social workers, to raise awareness of alcohol use, and promoted the project through multiple social media content. The project has benefited a total of 2095 students (221 females and 1874 males) and their students’ parents and teachers. For more information, watch the following video.

3. Tsag Uguy – which aims to empower teenage schoolgirls and local women of the 34th khoroo of Songinokhairkhan district of Ulaanbaatar by establishing a community development center. As part of the project, the team members began the operation of free laundry and shower services for the beneficiaries on the 15th of March. Aside from raising awareness through news articles and video content on social media, the team is diligently working on fundraising, organizing seminars for students, and furnishing the laundry service waiting area. Although the project’s main target is 9-12th grade teenage girls and vulnerable local women, teenage boys have been included to promote equal participation. For more information, watch the following video.

4. A*Read – which aims to promote literacy, language, and socio-communication skills of children with disabilities through free, adapted digital literature websites and video instructions to parents on how to utilize them. Literacy, language, and socio-communication skills are the cornerstone for future success, independence, and happiness of children with developmental disabilities such as autism, intellectual disabilities, speech-language disability, etc. The team members are working on getting 43 interactive adapted books from English to Mongolian and have all illustrations drawn by an illustrator. The literature will be created by translating and adapting literature of adaptive book electronic resources into the Mongolian language or from socio-communication skills using the lesson plans of Autism and Exceptional Children’s Academy (AECA) and distributed to the target beneficiaries through AECA’s website for free. The team will also work on delivering the hard copies of the adapted literature to low-income families who are unable to access the book online. For more information, watch the following video.