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Women’s Leadership Program Cohort 8

Posted: 8 April 2022

Newsletter 4

Lunch forums and seminars

After five months of the Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) Cohort 8 official launch, participants have been occupied with many activities such as lunch forums, leadership skill development seminars, networking events, etc. The seminars include media training, public speaking, emotional intelligence, time management, and fundraising, all of which the participants have positive responses.

Every facilitator of the seminars is inspiring. They share their unique story, experience & thoughts on how to be a leader and influence others. I am motivated to be a great leader. – Khosoo.

The participants also had a chance to meet with Ms. Oyungerel, a former member of the Mongolian Parliament and the founder of the “Let’s Change Our Toilets” NGO, through the program’s lunch forum component. Participants reported that hearing Ms. Oyungerel’s leadership journey inspired and motivated them on a highly positive note. Lunch forums have proved to play a significant role in assisting participants in forming their leadership style and increasing the participants’ understanding of leadership in regards to different sectors in Mongolia.

Some of our distinguished guests from the past few months have included:

  • Khulan Jugder, Executive Producer, TenGer TV
  • Ganjavkhlan Chadraabal, Founding member of Lantuun Dohio NGO
  • Surenchimeg, Director of Academy of Management Government of Mongolia

Another notable component of the WLP is the “Women’s Leadership in Business” training program facilitated by MCS. Academy. The training took place on the 12th of March, and the participants engaged in seminars aiming to enhance their knowledge in the business sector. Namely, participants involved in “Digital transformation in business,” “Business presentations,” and “5E leadership in business” training sessions. Participants noted that the seminars were highly insightful, enlightening, and motivational.

International Women’s Day 2022 Panel Discussions and Networking Event

As part of the program, participants attend numerous networking events to increase networking skills and professional networks. One of the networking events was organized within the International women’s day, in which the Australian  Embassy, IWFCI Mongolia, the Business Council of Mongolia and Zorig Foundation partnered. The theme for the event was “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.” This high-profile event took place on the 9th of March at Shangri La Ballroom. The event consisted of two panel discussions, keynote speeches, and networking events. Over 150 people from across the different sectors participated in this event. The event was also live-streamed to expand outreach and accommodate inclusiveness. The event was launched with opening remarks from the organizers, including the Business Council of Mongolia, the Australian Embassy, and IWFCI  Mongolia.

In his opening remark, Mr. Dave Preston, First Secretary of the Australian Embassy, noted that:

“There is still a substantial need to improve Mongolia’s records on observing the rights of women and children, removing barriers facing women in governance and politics, eliminating all forms of gender discrimination, and eradicating social disadvantages. Mongolia has great potential to utilize women leaders at all levels for inclusive development. The intersectoral partnerships that women leaders play are important in finding solutions to problems faced by women and girls.”

The first panel discussion, Accelerating action on SDG, addressed women’s vital role in the environment and development. With the new global 2030 roadmap and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approved by the UN Member States on 25 September 2015, the panel looked at how women are affected by SDGs and how women and girls can and will be essential to achieving these goals. This panel discussion delved into the role of women in achieving SDG and how SDG is going to impact women. The panelists of the first panel discussion were Ms. L. Enkhtuvshin, Country Program Manager of the Australia Awards in Mongolia; Mr. E.Bulgantamir, Chairman of Seruun Group; Ms. E.Nomindari, Chief Executive Officer, Mongolian Sustainable Finance Association; Ms. L. Tselmegsaikhan, Executive Director of IRIM and Ms. J. Ichinkhorloo, Chief Human Resource Officer, APU JSC.

The second panel discussion was about Advancing gender equality in business. Panelists of the second panel discussions included Ms. Kh. Amarjargal, Country Director Mongolia, Rio Tinto; Ms. B. Erdenedelger, first deputy CEO at Khan Bank; Ms. B. Punsalmaa, CEO, Co-founder of M-Oil Group, board member of IWFCI Mongolia; Ms. B. Nyamtseren, Managing Partner, Snow Hill Consultancy LLP; Ms. M. Zolzaya, Founder and CEO of Iromax Investment Group, board member of IWFCI Mongolia. Panelists discussed the benefits of advancing gender equality in business, current policies, and further ideas on creating environments where women and girls thrive.


The keynote speeches touched upon issues of “Central Asian women in Business” and “Sustainable finance initiative in Mongolia and its contribution to the sustainable development of the financial sector.” The speeches were delivered by Mr. Hannes A. Takacs, Head of Mongolia at EBRD, and Mr. M. Bold, CEO of Mongolia Green Finance Corporation.

Australia Day

To celebrate Australia Day and the 50th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Australia, participants attended the official event on the 11th of March. The event was jointly organized by the Australian Embassy in Mongolia and AustCham Mongolia. The Australian – Mongolian community came together to celebrate and enhance networking.