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Australia Awards Alumnus Visited AAM office with her Students

Posted: 1 September 2017

Australia Awards alumnus visited AAM office with her students

This year some lyceum students from the School of Technology in Darkhan successfully applied for the Student for Service project competition conducted by the USA Embassy in Mongolia. As headmaster and English teacher, I and my counterpart, Morgan, coordinated the project. Firstly, we took an idea from the television program “Mongolia’s Got Talent” where a vision-impaired blind girl sung a song. Bolor, a team member, suggested helping disabled people by making an audio book. We explored this idea and met with disabled children at the Enerel Complex School. It has about 200 pupils, most of whom are hearing-impaired and use sign language.

Because there were no vision-impaired children at the school, we changed our focus and made an application to teach sign language. Programmer, Naranmandakh and our team members, created our sign-language application (called “??????? ???” in Mongolian) and made it available for free on the App Store and Play Store.

Part of our project was to introduce the application to people. The students wanted to challenge themselves to introduce their project and application in English, and they wanted to know more about Australia and the Australia Awards Mongolia program because their teacher was a recipient of an Australia Awards Scholarship. To meet their request, we contacted the office in Mongolia and they welcomed us warmly and generously gave very useful advice to the students. The meeting was completely in English. The students were greatly inspired and discussed with each other about how to become well-educated people like Ms Tsetsgee and Enkhee. It was great support to my job and inspirational for the young generation. Thank you so much for your encouragement.