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Women’s Leadership Program Commenced its’ Implementation by Orientation Retreat

Posted: 1 April 2015

25 participants attending the Women's Leadership Program Orientation retreat in Jan 2015 at Rye Spa Resort.

WLP orientation retreat weekend was a success
Australia Awards is proud to welcome 25 Mongolian Australian Development Scholarship graduates to the Women’s Leadership Program (WLP), which will be delivered in Mongolia for the next 8 months.

Participants began the program over the weekend of 30 January 2015 at Rye Spa Resort and geared up for what will be a life-changing experience! The 3-day orientation retreat, which covered topics such as self-reflection, leadership, delegation, mentorship, communication skills, project management and gender specific issues was very successful.

Participants were welcomed to the retreat and the program by
• Ms Tsetsgee Yundendorj, Australia Awards Country Program Manager,
• Ms Bolormaa Mashlai, National Committee on Gender Equality Secretary
• Ms Kate Nethercott Wilson, Coffey’s Gender and Social Inclusion Adviser,
• Mr Zolboo Bayaraa, Program Officer with Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT),
• Ms Carolyn Peterken, Leadership Specialist from Queensland University of Technology
• Ms Oyun Sanjaasuren, Member of Parliament / Head of Zorig Foundation.

At the retreat, participants engaged in exercises on gender, perceptions, advocacy and inquiry and the ladder of inference. They also practiced many experimental fun activities to demonstrate leadership skills and teamwork.

Attendance at the orientation workshop was excellent with an average of 89.3% over the three days and the workshop evaluation survey showed 92% of participants were satisfied with it.

As they progress through the WLP, participants will undergo transformational experiences in their personal growth and development that will empower them, as they confront new challenges in their personal and professional lives. As part of the program and a requirement for successfully graduating from it, they will collaborate to develop five group community projects in areas such as economic development, environment, information technology and health. upon graduating the program.

Background to the WLP

 Women's Leadership Program participants actively engaged in the workshop.

The Australia Awards Mongolia Program commenced on 1 July 2013, with the goal to improve human resource capacity in Mongolia. The WLP is an important initiative to provide professional development to improve leadership skills and improve opportunities for Australia Awards alumni, especially women graduates, to compete successfully for leadership positions to compete successfully for senior leadership positions.

The initiative is offered in two stages; an in-Mongolia component managed by Zorig Foundation and Munkhchuluun Foundation which leads to an in-Australia fellowship for selected participants.

The WLP is an important part of the Australian Government’s development support to Mongolia delivered by its Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.