Award Entitlements

Australia Awards Scholarships are offered for the minimum period necessary to complete a chosen study program at an Australian university.

The following benefits apply to all recipients of Australia Awards:

    • Full tuition fees
    • A single return, economy class airfare, by the most direct route
    • A once-only Establishment Allowance as a contribution to initial accommodation expenses, text books, study materials etc.
    • A fortnightly contribution to living expenses paid at a rate determined by DFAT.
    • A compulsory 4-6 week Introductory Academic Program before formal studies commence
    • Overseas Student Health Cover to cover basic medical costs (except for pre-existing conditions) for the duration of the award. It is only available for the awardee
    • Pre-course English fees for training in Mongolia.

In addition, some awardees may be entitled to the following benefits, depending on their courses of study and other circumstances:

    • Supplementary Academic Support to assist with academic success or enhance the academic experience
    • Reunion airfare
    • Disability support
    • One return economy class airfare by the most direct route to Mongolia or within Australia for fieldwork for eligible research work.

For full details of scholarship benefits, read the Australia Awards Scholarships Policy Handbook

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