Case Studies

Ms. Ch. Undrakh, Australia Awards Alumnus Australia Awardee Helps Mongolian “Princesses”

When Undrakh was in the third year of her Social Work undergraduate degree in Mongolia, she decided that she wanted to put into practice all that she and her colleagues had been learning over the past three years.

“Along with three of my fellow students, we started the Princess Center for the Protection of Girls and Young Women’s Rights in 2003 – when we were all final year undergraduate students at the National University of Mongolia”

Ms. Nadia (at right) is with her teacher of the model kindergarten, Mongolia Combining Pedagogy with Good Management

Chair of the Methodology Department of the School of Preschool Education at Mongolia’s National University of Education, Ms Tserennadmid Shagdarsuern, is leading a highly skilled team which is training more than 1,000 tertiary students to be early childhood teachers across Mongolia. Tserennadmid (called Nadia for short), is both an experienced and qualified educator, and a management expert. Nadia started her own educational “journey” with a

Ms. Sarantogos (second from the right) with the Ambassador and the Mongolian Foreign Minister during a visit to Hokkaido Prefecture

Expanding Economic and Trade Relationships with Japan 

Ms. E. Sarantogos is currently working as a Deputy Director of Asia and Pacific department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Prior to this appointment, she served as Minister-Counsellor and Deputy Chief of Mission and as a diplomat at the Embassy of Mongolia in Japan.

Sarantogos’ new knowledge and concepts about international trade and economics from her Master in Applied Economics, have helped her successfully perform

Bat-Erdene IderBat-Erdene Ider is currently working as Director for Quality and Safety of InterMed Hospital. Bat-Erdene Ider is currently working as Director for Quality and Safety of InterMed Hospital.  His achievements to date (and those likely in the future given his commitment and career progression) represent a very high development impact outcome from an Australia Awardee.

Prior to studying in Australia, Bat-Erdene was employed at the Mongolian Ministry of Health (MoH), where he was

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